Surveying Services

At Aerialsmiths, we combine cutting-edge UAV technology with traditional surveying methods to produce outputs with survey-grade accuracy and ultra-high-resolution faster and more safely than traditional practices alone. By utilising the latest professional photogrammetry, CAD and GIS software, our highly experienced drafters and analysts present you with all the information you require, laid out clearly and intelligently, allowing you to easily make sense of your site and communicate knowledge effectively.

Construction Engineering Surveying

  • Topographical Surveys 
  • Engineering Surveys and construction setout, Bulk earthwork and Roading
    • Concrete, Structural, Mechanical and Piping
    • Infrastructure
    •  UAV Lidar and or photogrammetry surveys 
  • Precise farm mapping for more efficient pasture control 
  • Control, monitoring and deformation surveys
  • Asbuilts
  • Monthly claim reporting
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
ground penetrating radar - aerialsmiths nz
land surveying specialists auckland, aerial survey - aerialsmiths nz

Aerial Surveying and Inspection Services

  • Thermal Imaging, heat loss/gain and leak detection
  • 30x Optical zoom asset inspection 
  • HD Orthophoto site plan
  • 4k video report
  • 3D point cloud fly-through
  • Survey grade accuracy
  • Sub-cm resolution
  • 3D printed scale models

Environmental and Geospatial

  • Landscape geomorphology assessment
  • Erosion and sediment transport measurement
  • Healthy waterway inspection, monitoring and assessment
  • River health restoration monitoring
  • Physical habitat assessment
  • Flood modelling and hazard mapping
  • Advanced GIS analysis
  • Catchment and coastline mapping
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Digital site Modelling - aerialsmiths nz

Example Outputs

  • Digital Terrain Modelling
  • Digital Surface Modelling
  • Triangulated Irregular Network
  • Contour Drawings
  • Overlaid Site Info (Site BDY, Lot BDY, Roads etc.)
  • 3D Render
  • A DXF file for Survey, Pick up at 1m x 1m grid
  • A0 PDF file (printed on request)