Welcome to Aerialsmiths

Taking surveying to new heights

Aerialsmiths is a specialist surveying company working with various contractors, architects, civil engineers and developers across Auckland. Our ability to provide quality work at cost-effective rates keeps the team busy and our clients happy.

Aerialsmiths use the latest in Leica survey GPS and Total Station equipment, DJI Matrice 600 Pro UAV’s and 12D + Autocad technology and continuously upgrade our systems and equipment to produce accurate survey solutions to support our clients’ need for timeous results.

Aerialsmiths specialise in Aerial surveying and Aerial mapping, Land survey, Site set out, Environmental monitoring, Asset management, Thermal mapping, Asset inspections (GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar and Service location.

Bringing clarity & accuracy to your site

Overlaying your design plans on top of highly accurate UAV aerial imagery improves the communication of plans and helps to avoid costly mistakes. Talk to us today about how we can improve site understanding through UAV imagery and 3D printing.