Our Team

Felix - Director

Felix is in charge of business operations and procurement. With a background in business, Felix leads the tight Aerialsmiths team and is always pursuing new opportunities. On weekends Felix spends his time either volunteering for Auckland Coastguard, or at the mountain on a pair of skis.

land surveyor Felix - aerialsmiths nz

Will - Geospatial Specialist

Will has his Master of Science degree (1st Class Honours) majoring in geography, specialising in Geomorphology and Advanced GIS application. Will is passionate about the outdoors and has used UAV technology through his studies. A great asset to Aerialsmiths, Will brings us knowledge backed by research. When not at work Will enjoys hunting the New Zealand back country and spending time with his family.

land surveyor Will - aerialsmiths nz

Dan - Senior Surveyor

Dan brings extensive knowledge and experience to Aerialsmiths which can be shared within our team. Dan oversees all large-scale survey projects from rivers to roading as well as the day to day running of the survey team and projects. Dan’s interests are in skateboarding and traveling the world.

land surveyor Dan - aerialsmiths nz

Maika – Land Surveyor

Maika is in charge of Service Locating and Surveying for any Fulton Hogan and roading contract. Maika is an experienced surveyor and has spent many hours on the end of a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Maika’s interests are in music, meeting new people, as well as religion and culture.

land surveyor Maika - aerialsmiths nz