Our Team

Felix - Director

Felix is in charge of business operations and procurement. With a background in business, Felix leads the tight Aerialsmiths team and is always pursuing new opportunities. On weekends Felix spends his time either volunteering for Auckland Coastguard, or at the mountain on a pair of skis.

land surveyor Felix - aerialsmiths nz

Luke - GPR Technician

Luke leads our Underground Service Locating team – mapping out subsurface utilities to ensure safe excavation work for our clients. An avid sports fan – you’ll often find Luke at live events cheering on his favorite teams – or playing footy at the weekends. Luke loves exploring the outdoors, socializing and attending music gigs with friends.

Krystel – Civil Engineer Drafter

Krystel is a professional Civil Engineer with extensive experience in construction industry handling both horizontal and vertical projects from planning to construction stage. Currently, working under Aerialsmiths she provides all the drafting of the projects, developing topographical and as-built plan for the use in major construction or civil engineering projects. During my spare time, she enjoys baking and cooking.

Danny - UAV Operator & Geospatial Specialist

Danny leads the aerial surveying team bringing his experience from utilising UAV technology to assist him throughout his master studies. With a background in geomorphology and advanced GIS applications Danny also brings knowledge as a geospatial specialist.  In his spare time, Danny enjoys gaming and watching a myriad of sports.

Ryan - Construction Surveyor

Aniket - GPR Technician

Shah - Senior Surveyor

Devang - Civil Engineer - Lab Technician

Devang is responsible for ensuring the civil engineering projects and roadworks run on time and on budget. His background in material cost estimations and geotechnical engineering helps in providing a strong focus on compliance and innovation for the ongoing advancement of quality control standards within road construction. Currently, working under the Aerialsmiths team he provides density testing for asphalt roads, material needs and cost estimation, project reports and relevant admin tasks. As a professional, he is fully committed to high-quality product and service delivery. In his spare time, Devang enjoys going to music concerts, camping and socializing with friends. 

Val - Accounts & Admin

Having been in different roles in finance and law before, at Aerialsmiths, Val is responsible for accounts and employment contracts. 

In her spare time, Val is an avid trekker always ready for a new challenge.